Matrix Telecommunications Corporation
Local ISP
  • Redundant system to existing ISP within the 315, 518, 585, 607, 716 and 845 area codes. This plan can function as a backup to your existing Telco service. You will only incur costs is you switch subscribers to our NXX numbers. No "up front" costs, implement & test now, utilize sometime in the future.
  • Additional feature for an ISPs' subscribers who may travel in the supported area codes. Some subscribers travel into multiple area codes and require Internet access.
  • Expanded geographic coverage for local (315,518,585,607,716,845) ISP's. Our Telco configuration spans the entire area codes(Verizon serviced). This may enhance your coverage and produce new subscribers.
  • Permits ISPs to outsource the Telco portion of their system. Many ISPs have found that concentrating their efforts on Sales and Marketing, rather than managing the Telco portion of their operation produces a better return on investment.
  • Instant Regional. If you are an ISP whose region is adjacent to the (315,518,585,607,716,845) area codes, our wholesale plan can turn you into an Instant Regional ISP. Take advantage of the expansion with Press Releases and Web Page announcements.
  • We are implementing hunt groups in the 203 and 860 Area codes on 3/2003; 412, 724 and 814 Area Codes on 6/2003; 216 and 412 Area codes on 9/2003; and 330 and 440 on 12/2003.
Regional ISP
  • Provides a method by which an ISP can gain market penetration (new geographical area) for minimum investment. ISPs that have established a presence in a local region will find that our product will permit them to expand into an adjacent region without the capital investment in a new facility. When the expansion justifies the new facility the ISP can eliminate or reduce the amount of wholesale access obtained from Matrix.
  • Additional feature for an ISPs' subscribers who may travel in the supported area codes. Some subscribers travel into multiple area codes and require Internet access.
Web Hosting
  • If your business concentrates on Web Hosting and you have a dedicated connection to the Internet, our service can permit you to offer dial-up access to your Hosting customers. Some capital equipment (Radius/Mail Server) would be necessary, but the investment would be minimal. Call us to discuss the possibilities.
Simplified Description of System Operation
  1. Your subscriber connects with our access Server using the fully qualified user/domain name (ie. john@yourdomain)
  2. Our Access Server(s) sends the request (user/domain name) to our Radius Server(s) using ports 1645/1646
  3. The login name is parsed into User and Domain name. If the domain name matches your domain name a request (user name, user password and secret) is transmitted to your Radius Server along with the mutually agreed upon Secret using ports 1645/1646 or 1812/1813.
  4. Your Radius Server authenticates the user and sends an accept packet back to our Radius Server. If the user does not exist or the password is wrong, a decline packet is sent back to our Radius Server and the user is requested to enter a new login.
  5. After the accept packet is transmitted, our Access Server assigns the user connection an IP Address from our IP Address Pool and if the user has selected Server Assigned DNS (preferred) the DNS Address will be transmitted.
  6. Our Radius Server logs all user sessions and this data is available to the wholesale customer. The Logs are retained for 36 months.
System Installation/Setup
  • Modify radius to accept Matrix Logins (clients file), select secret
  • Radius MTU should be set to 1500 for maximum performance.
  • Modify Sendmail or equivalent to accept Matrix IP Blocks for relaying
  • Change the DNS to point their news server to the Matrix News Server or open access to your News Server to the Matrix IP blocks below: