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  • 10mb Backbone to Internet (Dual Cisco 7507) Full Duplex
  • 10/100mb Ethernet switch (Layer 2, Layer 3 in Data Center)
  • 7.5:1 modem ratio (ratio is not fixed, lines added whenever total usage approaches 90% full capacity)
  • Access Servers are Lucent PM-3, 3.9.1c1 Sft Rel, Stac installed, and Max TNT Triple Hot spares
  • Co-Located at Telco switch (Lucent 5ESS)
  • PRI lines (64kb ISDN capable)
  • Backup Power provided by UPS and 200kw Generator
  • MRTG (Version 2.96) historical monitoring of many system performance values w/ RDDTOOL
  • Big Brother (Version 1.9c) real-time monitoring of many system components
  • RdRpŠ (Version 1.2) Radius Reporting System
  • Dual Redundant Radius Servers running CistronTM Radius version 1.66
  • 100.00% Radius Server uptime (redundancy combined)
  • 100.00% DNS Server uptime (redundancy combined)
  • 99.9999% Access Server uptime (Scheduled Maintenance time excluded, usually 1 hrs per month)
  • 99.99% Backbone availability (Scheduled Maintenance time excluded, usually 1-2 hrs per month)

"Bring your own Numbers"

For those Local/Regional ISPs whose purpose in obtaining the Wholesale access is to "Bridge" between opening a new market by outsourcing the Telco operation and obtaining their own facilities, we offer the capability to assign a selection of NXX numbers exclusively to your subscribers. When you have developed your operation to the level where you wish to operate your own Telco facilities, these numbers can be LNP (Local Number Portability) to your hunt group. The initial cost in obtaining these numbers is $10.00/NXX number, with a recurring cost of $1.00/NXX/Month. If the number cannot be obtained from the CLEC NXX pool, you will order the number (Verizon) and we will LNP it into the hunt group.

"Install Now & Test, Activate Later"

The Installation & Test process requires only a few minutes (10-15). If you plan to implement our Wholesale Access Lines in the future, it is suggested that the setup be done now as problems can be solved prior to actual implementation. You control the "activation" of the wholesale lines via your Radius Server. After the successful completion of the Proxy Authentication test, turn off the connection at your end (about 5 secs), when you are ready, turn it back on.

Wholesale Access Lines

Matrix Telecommunications provides Proxy Authentication access to the (315,518,585,607,716,845 area codes) at a weekly rate schedule detailed below to Internet Service Providers (ISP). The customer (ISP) is billed based on the actual usage (subscriber must log in) as detailed in the weekly radius report (run every Sunday at 0430hrs).

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