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Matrix Telecommunications Corporation (MTC) provides Proxy Authentication access to the

(315,518,585,607,716,845 area codes)
at a weekly rate schedule detailed below to Internet Service Providers (ISP). The customer (ISP) is billed based on the actual usage (subscriber must log in) as detailed in the weekly radius report (run every Sunday at 0430hrs).

The Internet dialup market is not what it used to be. Your subscribers are migrating to DSL/Cable/Satellite systems. Urban markets are saturated with competitors. New subscribers are attained, but its not as it used to be. The dialup market is not dead or dying, just changing. ISPs must change with the market conditions to maintain or expand their subscriber base.

To survive or grow in this Market the following may be required:

  • Expand into the rural market, cost prohibitive for Broadband.
  • Expand your geographical area.
  • Lower your capital equipment costs.
  • Lower your Operating costs.
  • Concentrate on Sales and Marketing.

Matrix Telecommunications has developed a Product/Service for Internet Service Providers that permits ISPs to implement the above suggestions. It is called the Wholesale Access Plan. I have included detailed information on how the plan works and I am at your convenience to discuss the plan and to answer any questions that you may have.

Joe Isham
Sales Manager
(716) 614-8000 x10

WHL Contract (pdf format)

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