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Wholesale Access Monitoring (10 minute interval)
  1. Router
    1. CPU (Router) Load
    2. In/Out Bandwidth (Internal)
    3. In/Out Bandwidth (External)
    4. Memory Usage (Used/Free)
  2. Access Servers (PortMasters)
    1. In/Out Bandwidth by Portmaster
    2. Total lines (DS0) in use
  3. Servers (DNS, Radius)
    1. CPU Load
    2. Bandwidth (in/out)
    3. HDD Usage (used and total)
    4. Processes
    5. Open Files
    6. Mail Volume (Incoming,Outgoing,Deferred)
  4. Ethernet Switch
    1. In/Out Bandwidth (Servers)
    2. In/Out Bandwidth (Portmasters)
  5. Connectivity
    1. Ping Times
RdRp (Radius Report)
Wholesale Access Monitoring (Daily @ 4:30am)
  1. User Login Session details
    1. Login/Logout Date and Time with total logon time (hh:mm)
    2. Port on Portmaster
    3. Baud Rate (Initial and Retrained)
    4. Bandwidth used
    5. Disconnection reason
    6. Protocol
    7. Telephone Number (caller ID) called from and to
  2. Bandwidth Summary Report (All users sorted by Bandwidth Usage)
  3. Baud Rate Summary Report (All users sorted by Baud Rate)
  4. IP Summary Report (All IP Addresses and corresponding user)
  5. Multiple Login Report (All users that have multiple logins)
  6. Last Login Report (All users sorted by the Last time user logged onto system)
  7. Disconnects Report (All users and the corresponding disconnect reason)
  8. Retrains Report (All users and the number of Baud Rate retrains)
  9. Caller ID
    1. Hunt Group Summary (Calls by hunt group number)
    2. Toll Call Report (Those users that have incurred LD charges based upon wrong number dialed.)
Big Brother (Real-time Alerting System)
  1. Connection (ping)
  2. CPU load
  3. Disk Usage
  4. DNS
  5. FTP
  6. HTTP (Apache)
  7. Message Files
  8. POP3
  9. Procedures running (Cron, Radius, MRTG, Telnet, Xinetd, Imap, etc)
  10. SMTP (Sendmail)
  11. Portmaster (Connection)
  12. Router (Connection)

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